The Flavor Lab®
Flavor Station
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The Secret Ingredients To Making School Lunch Fun

What is the Flavor Lab Flavor Station? The Flavor Lab Flavor Station is a self-serve display that allows students to experiment with new tastes and flavors without adding all the sodium. It features Foothill Farms brands of seasonings, including on-trend flavors such as Sriracha, Ranch, Buffalo Wings, Nacho Cheese, Fiesta Lime and Chili Cheese.

Parents, make sure your kiddos know how to take advantage of this fun lunchtime perk! The seasonings can add a little pizzazz to nearly everything your school cafeteria offers. Turn a humdrum chicken sandwich into a sriracha-topped flavor explosion. Take broccoli from blah to delicious by shaking on a little ranch seasoning. The possibilities are endless!

Is your school missing out on the fun? Talk to your school foodservice administrator – they can learn more about the program at or from Kent Precision Foods Group Customer Care Center at 800-442-5242.